A Barbecue Party for the Family

Next week, I am planning a barbecue party for my family. It has been almost a year since we have an intimate and fun gathering as a family. I have been busy with my work as a financial consultant for a large company and my husband too is busy going in and out of the country for hi commitments in our business.

My children, all grown up now, are either busy with school work or their jobs. Steve is still in college and he just finished his very arduous thesis. Sometimes, he wants to be alone he can focus on his research. Marie is also graduating next month from his degree of communications and is now looking for a job. My eldest son Joshua is currently working in a bank where he serves as a manager.


He is also  busy with his part time business where he makes al living for being a graphic artist.

Anyway, next week, I wanted to make the family gathering a very special one. We have not been complete for almost a year now and I want this one to be very fun and intimate.

I sought the help of my friend Sophie. She will bake pasta for me while I bake a cake. I have also pre ordered pizza and some wine from my favorite convenience store.

For the theme, I want our garden to look cozy. I will set up a nice table for the food, buffet style. I also purchased three Adirondack chairs for my kids so they can lounge on there. I love adirondack chairs, they are so comfy and stylish and at the time, it fits in just about any occasion, and in any part of the house. The store where I bought the chairs is having a sale so I immediately grabbed the opportunity of purchasing three pieces, just in time for my planned barbecue party.

I also plan to make an AVP presentation for my kid who will graduate this month. I know she has been through a lot, in her school work and in personal life. She recently told me she just broke up with her boyfriend Jack and her studies were affected. Good thing she still managed to be one of the top in class for her graduation. That girl is full of confidence and she is very determined. I will compile her college pictures and probably get messages from her friends and family members. I will let her know how much we love her so much and that the feeling is she feeling right now is just a phase. I have gone through the same stage before and I want to let her know that that stage will soon pass. Besides, her future is so much brighter now that she is about to finish school. I know she will land a nice job in a media company and she will attain her goals in life just what she always claimed since she started dreaming.

I am very excited for the party next week!


A Surprise Birthday Present


So, it’s my husband’s birthday coming up, and I didn’t know what to get him. Let’s just say that I have bought him everything that I think that he has wanted over the years, and when this year came, it finally got to the point where I didn’t know what else that I could possibly buy him. He bought me a little trip, and we had a getaway for my last birthday, but he asked for something that was not quite that extravagant. He didn’t want to have to take time off of work or anything like that on me to buy him an object that is equally as impressive as that trip.

This has been proving to be exceedingly difficult, and I did not even know where to begin. A friend of mine recommended me to a website called survival cooking which ranks a bunch of different outdoor and camping supplies with extremely informative and quite impressively well written reviews. Needless to say, this was an invaluable tool in my experience shopping for my husband this year, and I ended up getting him something that I know that he is absolutely going to love. Last year, for Christmas, I got him an amazing watch. By doing that, all I had to do was go to search for the best watches under 500, and a lot of amazing results came up. I’m so grateful that the internet exists, and if there are so many good review pages and so many places to buy quality products from reputable sources, and I don’t know where I would be without that type of help from my online community and the websites like survival cooking. Cheers Survival Cooking, and thank you for helping me buy the perfect gift for my husband. I won’t say what it is right now, because he could end up reading this, even though he almost never does. But that’s just the way love works. If you give away gift idea, is the first time in four years he decides to read your blog.





Frustration Gone! Finally Found The Best Site For Stock Photos

I’m going to open up to you about some of my feelings about writing blog posts and Publishing them. For the most part, my blog is a really positive thing for me that I think is really amazing and I think it gives me all sorts of Good Feelings. Unfortunately, certain elements of it as giving me bad feelings in the past.

Now, the good has always outweigh the bad, but it doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t be looking for Solutions. It was made very clear to me early on in my blogging that if I wanted people to pay attention to my posts that I need to have good images associated with them. I thought this would be very easy and nice, but it proved to be very annoying and boring for a very long time. A lot of the websites are not very good, and I would find that my post was a lot more meaningful than the image that was attached to it. This made me very sad. This made me very frustrated, too.

Eventually, a friend recommended this other site to me. The site is called EyeEm and it is very very good. The images on this site are much better than the images I could find on any other site. I really like the way the site works, the way it’s laid out, and the quality of the images. I find many of them are artistic and meaningful, and they apply perfectly to the posts that I’m writing. EyeEm also accepts credit cards as online payments. No need to fall in line on payment centers and even have a one-on-one meet up.

It’s not a good feeling to write a blog post that you really care about and then have to attach some image do it that doesn’t mean anything. In fact, this has been one of my least favorite part about running a blog site.

So, I was very very happy to get this new site, and I’m willing to pay a bit to get the premium membership benefits. Maybe you’re not like me, and the image won’t matter to you, but to me the image means a lot, and I absolutely hated it when I did not like the image. That’s how I feel about this.

Now, I feel better about my entire blog and its future. I am happy with the Stock Photos available to me!


Food, Glorious Food

Hello my loves. I am so exited that I am writing my first post.

I’d like to tell you about eating habits in my family and how I try to improve them.

Have you ever asked yourself how much damage junk food can do? As I have kids, I am very careful with the product I consume. Furthermore, this kind of food is not good for your body. So,  think twice, before you buy pizza or hamburger. Cooking for my husband is hard work, because he is a fussy eater. He wants food fixed exactly the way he likes it and always have something to complain about.  He never counts calories during his meal and loves fatty bacon sandwich with lettuce, mayonnaise and lots of butter. Oh, how terrible is that, but I try to find to find some other ways and replace fat products. Sometimes it can be enjoyable!  You try and mix with different spices, which help you to make your dish more delicious.

I found out useful book! There are lots of wonderful recipes for children. My kids get used to my eating habits – they  never complain, but I want to surprise them and let to eat some piece of cake. I just monitor my husband, because he is rather naughty.  Probably needs some attention.

So, our morning starts with oatmeal. I usually mix it with fruit, honey, nuts  and milk. Then we eat yoghurt together with bread rolls.

Our lunch may include steak, jacket potato with broccoli, soup.

For the dinner, I can prepare lambed & mashed potato, fruit salad.

That was typical menu for our family.

I hope this post was interesting for you!

You may  also write about your eating habits.  Bye for now and waiting for your comments.



Things From The Past

Hello my dear reader!

I know that some people like to keep old things and I am on the same side with them. There are a number old objects we have in our house. Also, we have a very big collection of old photos, which I like to show to my friends. I am proud of my family! This time I want to talk about something important – this is a very special necklace! It came from my grandmother, who was 87 years old when she died. As far as I know, she’d been given it by someone – possibly an aunt – who’d bought it in a shop in China. This necklace is pretty ancient now – probably an antique. Although, I don’t have any idea how much it can cost. I don’t think I will sell it, because it’s very precious to me and. I always afraid to lose it.  It has some magic spirit and I feel a connection with my relatives.  I think it protects me from bad things.

It’s the line of blue beads which looks very fashionable.

Additionally, it’s very beautiful and I wear it together with my  “little black dress’, which I keep for special events.

I guess I will pass this neckless on to my children, so that it become an equally important family treasure for them.

I hope this was interesting for you!


My Electric Scooter Review

Have you heard about Unu Motors? I actually have not heard of them two years ago when I was using my old trusty scooter. But you know what; the company is first choice for electric scooter.

Here is my story with Unu Motors. I had difficulty in my scooter back then. It actually gave me a lot of hassle every day I thought I had a mistake in buying such before. Not until I met Lindsey, a fellow worker who reports to work with a very nice aura everyday and not as grumpy as me. One time U saw here in the parking area and I realized how chic her scooter was. When she went off, I noticed her scooter did not have any sound at all which is really amazing. One day I asked her about scooter. I was amazed of what she told me after.

So apparently, her scooter is an electric one. She got it from Unu Motors, a company in The Netherlands. It provides what they tagged at as elektrische scooter. Not just it creates not sound at all but it is also very convenient for a commuter like me. She told her electric scooter can last up to three hours of continues driving.

And so I decided to buy one for myself. You know, I am always open to new innovations. I am not like of those you love buying new gadgets or what not without thinking of its fir the long term. I know that Unu Motors will add to my list of important things because it helps a lot not only for the user but for many as well. I love how I was able to introduce to this innovation. It really is awesome and I know you will enjoy too the vitality of Unu Motors.


Sports in Vancouver: A Memorable Experience to Witness

I recently returned from Vancouver and I have a list of activities that were very pleasing. First of all, the cuisine was Splendid. There’s a high level of multiculturalism in Vancouver, and you would be a fool not to engage and eating some foreign cuisine! What I’m saying is that the food is really good. The Chinese food, Vietnamese food, and Japanese Food were specifically top-notch. I’ve never been that big of a sushi fan before, but I’ve never lived on the coast before either, and the sushi was so affordable and so delicious. I also suggest going to a sports game.  Vancouver has some amazing sports fans.

They have a soccer team, a football team, and a hockey team depending on what season you are in the city. I also went and saw some great independent music shows, and I would suggest that you keep your eyes open for posters. As a major Canadian city, I love the best artists in the country move to Vancouver, so the independent art scene is thriving with some of the best young artists in the entire country.

What else? Well, I enjoyed engaging with a Vancouver Realtor who I met at a social Gathering, and even going and looking at some properties. I’ve been thinking about potentially investing in Vancouver property for years. I should have done it years ago, as the market has really skyrocketed over the last couple of years, but this realtor was kind enough to show me some great deals that he knew about just outside of Vancouver, in Burnaby.

He showed me some Burnaby condos for sale which are still on my mind. Sometimes, you see a property that is just perfect for you, and that happened to me. Unfortunately, property in Vancouver is in cheap, but still, with the American dollar being so dominant over the Canadian dollar, this is a good time to buy if you’re not living on wages that are paid in the Canadian currency. There is also another option for properties that are for sale. I saw a website which says about Coal Harbour Condos for sale and I am also interested.

Like me! What other activities are worth doing? I say that you should go whale-watching. Vancouver has a lot of orca whales and they are really special. Also consider going to the beach shore climbing a mountain. Vancouver’s best feature is the nature that it is built within. If you’ve got time, go over to Vancouver Island and explore cities like Victoria, Nanaimo, and Tofino. If you don’t have the time, just go to Granville Island, which is a district of the city of Vancouver with some great food and activities.


An Amazing Baby Monitor

So, I’m not a mother yet, but I really think that someday will be. I really think that someday I will be a mother. I can’t wait for that day, but also I’m going to fully enjoy my youth as long as I can, and try to have the best and most exciting young years of my life in the meantime. That’s what I’m all about, is just living to the fullest extent that I possibly can and having the best time in the world. I love being alive, and I love helping people in my life who are in different situations than me. My sister is a mother, which makes me an aunt, which is a role that I love to live in.

I absolutely love being an auntie to my little niece. She’s still a baby, but she is the most wonderful little ball of joy in the world. She recognizes each person who she knows. I feel so grateful that this little baby knows who I am, and is happy when I’m around. It is giving me a whole new meaning in life, to be a great auntie to my sister’s child, but also to be a great sister to my sister. I love my sister, and I realize that I do want to help her however I can in this amazing journey she is on as a mother. So, one of the things I do, is see if I can find any sort of help for her because being a mother is so difficult. I mean, she loves it, and she hardly complains, but she is so exhausted so much of the time, that I keep my eyes open for little tips and products that can maybe help her out a little bit.

The best product that I found for that so far is the Comfort Cam. The Comfort Cam is a WiFi baby monitor. So it uses Wi-Fi to connect a camera which is parked on the baby’s crib, like a normal baby monitor, but the Wi-Fi sends the video stream to an app which can be accessed on your device, whether it’s a tablet or a smartphone, and you can see your baby in its crib without using a secondary screen that you have to Lug around the house with you or something. It’s just on your phone or your tablet. And you can check it out any time.

So, like, I know with my sister that when she gets a moment to spare, she plops down on the couch and go right onto her iPhone. Which is fair. So she can scan Facebook, emails, all of her social media, catch up with some friends, send some messages, and now with this app instead of needing another screen for her baby monitor, she can just load the ComfortCam app and she is right in tune with what she needs to know. I think it’s amazing, and she does too. She loves that I bought her this gift, and she says that she would never consider another baby monitor at this point. It fills my heart with joy to help my sister.


This App Is My Most Favorite Of All

Did you ever have a favorite app that you do not delete in your phone even if you already have low storage? Well, I have one. This is app is called Line. Line is a messenging app where I can chat with anyone in the world, provided that they too have the app installed in their phone.

Line is so cute! it has a lot of great and adorable stickers, up to date stickers for all occasions such as Valentine’s Day, Christmas, New Year, and even Halloween! Well, I also use other chat apps like Viber, and WhatsApp but Line was the first thing I downloaded and it is stuck with me.

It even came to a point when I just decided to delete my photos instead of this app because it has already stored a lot of memories and photos.

It also has this news feed where friends who have Line can also post, and comment on my posts. I can also create an album!

Here are some things that I love about this app:

  1. It has cute stickers and emojis!
  2. It is available on pastel colors—green and pink. They also have brown.
  3. I can make calls and have video chats.

If you are not keen on this, I am sure there are a lot of apps for messenging available in the app store. These apps are all app store optimized (ASO) so it is really easy to find when you key in chat apps.

While I use Line, my friends just use Facebook Messenger and that is fine with me too. But messenging apps have this unique experience where you cannot just connect with people but you can also enjoy and have fun while talking to them.


Moving Forward With 360

I bought a 360 photography device I did this because I have a deep interest in virtual reality technology. I know it might seem strange, considering the usual content of this blog, but I don’t think that engaging with virtual reality technology will be an option for very much longer, it’s not that I expected to disappear…

I expected to catch on so heavily that everyone will have no choice but to engage with 360 degree photos and videos and one way or another. That’s why I bought a 360 camera, and that’s why I’m going to start using it. I’ve started talking to a friend who is very knowledgeable and well versed in these Technologies and he is going to start teaching me all about them. Everyone that I told about this so hard to understand why I’m doing it, even though it seems a little out there, when I understand my place in the world of digital media technology, I see that I am just budding with potential and that I need to hit the next level. That’s how I feel at least.

People understand. I’m not going to move too far forward in this world of already-established style of non-complex content creation, but if I can be ahead of the curve, and start using virtual reality as something that brings people into my life and perspective even deeper, I think that I can be a part of a new wave of popular blogging. Doesn’t that make sense? Sometimes I doubt myself, but deep down I’m really self assured that this is a really good idea, and 360 cameras are not that expensive, and I just think that even if it doesn’t end up making my blog Super Famous, I will have at least learned a very cool new skill that can be applied to other life aspects.