A Barbecue Party for the Family

Next week, I am planning a barbecue party for my family. It has been almost a year since we have an intimate and fun gathering as a family. I have been busy with my work as a financial consultant for a large company and my husband too is busy going in and out of the country for hi commitments in our business.

My children, all grown up now, are either busy with school work or their jobs. Steve is still in college and he just finished his very arduous thesis. Sometimes, he wants to be alone he can focus on his research. Marie is also graduating next month from his degree of communications and is now looking for a job. My eldest son Joshua is currently working in a bank where he serves as a manager.


He is also  busy with his part time business where he makes al living for being a graphic artist.

Anyway, next week, I wanted to make the family gathering a very special one. We have not been complete for almost a year now and I want this one to be very fun and intimate.

I sought the help of my friend Sophie. She will bake pasta for me while I bake a cake. I have also pre ordered pizza and some wine from my favorite convenience store.

For the theme, I want our garden to look cozy. I will set up a nice table for the food, buffet style. I also purchased three Adirondack chairs for my kids so they can lounge on there. I love adirondack chairs, they are so comfy and stylish and at the time, it fits in just about any occasion, and in any part of the house. The store where I bought the chairs is having a sale so I immediately grabbed the opportunity of purchasing three pieces, just in time for my planned barbecue party.

I also plan to make an AVP presentation for my kid who will graduate this month. I know she has been through a lot, in her school work and in personal life. She recently told me she just broke up with her boyfriend Jack and her studies were affected. Good thing she still managed to be one of the top in class for her graduation. That girl is full of confidence and she is very determined. I will compile her college pictures and probably get messages from her friends and family members. I will let her know how much we love her so much and that the feeling is she feeling right now is just a phase. I have gone through the same stage before and I want to let her know that that stage will soon pass. Besides, her future is so much brighter now that she is about to finish school. I know she will land a nice job in a media company and she will attain her goals in life just what she always claimed since she started dreaming.

I am very excited for the party next week!