Things From The Past

Hello my dear reader!

I know that some people like to keep old things and I am on the same side with them. There are a number old objects we have in our house. Also, we have a very big collection of old photos, which I like to show to my friends. I am proud of my family! This time I want to talk about something important – this is a very special necklace! It came from my grandmother, who was 87 years old when she died. As far as I know, she’d been given it by someone – possibly an aunt – who’d bought it in a shop in China. This necklace is pretty ancient now – probably an antique. Although, I don’t have any idea how much it can cost. I don’t think I will sell it, because it’s very precious to me and. I always afraid to lose it.  It has some magic spirit and I feel a connection with my relatives.  I think it protects me from bad things.

It’s the line of blue beads which looks very fashionable.

Additionally, it’s very beautiful and I wear it together with my  “little black dress’, which I keep for special events.

I guess I will pass this neckless on to my children, so that it become an equally important family treasure for them.

I hope this was interesting for you!

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