Food, Glorious Food

Hello my loves. I am so exited that I am writing my first post.

I’d like to tell you about eating habits in my family and how I try to improve them.

Have you ever asked yourself how much damage junk food can do? As I have kids, I am very careful with the product I consume. Furthermore, this kind of food is not good for your body. So,  think twice, before you buy pizza or hamburger. Cooking for my husband is hard work, because he is a fussy eater. He wants food fixed exactly the way he likes it and always have something to complain about.  He never counts calories during his meal and loves fatty bacon sandwich with lettuce, mayonnaise and lots of butter. Oh, how terrible is that, but I try to find to find some other ways and replace fat products. Sometimes it can be enjoyable!  You try and mix with different spices, which help you to make your dish more delicious.

I found out useful book! There are lots of wonderful recipes for children. My kids get used to my eating habits – they  never complain, but I want to surprise them and let to eat some piece of cake. I just monitor my husband, because he is rather naughty.  Probably needs some attention.

So, our morning starts with oatmeal. I usually mix it with fruit, honey, nuts  and milk. Then we eat yoghurt together with bread rolls.

Our lunch may include steak, jacket potato with broccoli, soup.

For the dinner, I can prepare lambed & mashed potato, fruit salad.

That was typical menu for our family.

I hope this post was interesting for you!

You may  also write about your eating habits.  Bye for now and waiting for your comments.


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