My Electric Scooter Review

Have you heard about Unu Motors? I actually have not heard of them two years ago when I was using my old trusty scooter. But you know what; the company is first choice for electric scooter.

Here is my story with Unu Motors. I had difficulty in my scooter back then. It actually gave me a lot of hassle every day I thought I had a mistake in buying such before. Not until I met Lindsey, a fellow worker who reports to work with a very nice aura everyday and not as grumpy as me. One time U saw here in the parking area and I realized how chic her scooter was. When she went off, I noticed her scooter did not have any sound at all which is really amazing. One day I asked her about scooter. I was amazed of what she told me after.

So apparently, her scooter is an electric one. She got it from Unu Motors, a company in The Netherlands. It provides what they tagged at as elektrische scooter. Not just it creates not sound at all but it is also very convenient for a commuter like me. She told her electric scooter can last up to three hours of continues driving.

And so I decided to buy one for myself. You know, I am always open to new innovations. I am not like of those you love buying new gadgets or what not without thinking of its fir the long term. I know that Unu Motors will add to my list of important things because it helps a lot not only for the user but for many as well. I love how I was able to introduce to this innovation. It really is awesome and I know you will enjoy too the vitality of Unu Motors.


Sports in Vancouver: A Memorable Experience to Witness

I recently returned from Vancouver and I have a list of activities that were very pleasing. First of all, the cuisine was Splendid. There’s a high level of multiculturalism in Vancouver, and you would be a fool not to engage and eating some foreign cuisine! What I’m saying is that the food is really good. The Chinese food, Vietnamese food, and Japanese Food were specifically top-notch. I’ve never been that big of a sushi fan before, but I’ve never lived on the coast before either, and the sushi was so affordable and so delicious. I also suggest going to a sports game.  Vancouver has some amazing sports fans.

They have a soccer team, a football team, and a hockey team depending on what season you are in the city. I also went and saw some great independent music shows, and I would suggest that you keep your eyes open for posters. As a major Canadian city, I love the best artists in the country move to Vancouver, so the independent art scene is thriving with some of the best young artists in the entire country.

What else? Well, I enjoyed engaging with a Vancouver Realtor who I met at a social Gathering, and even going and looking at some properties. I’ve been thinking about potentially investing in Vancouver property for years. I should have done it years ago, as the market has really skyrocketed over the last couple of years, but this realtor was kind enough to show me some great deals that he knew about just outside of Vancouver, in Burnaby.

He showed me some Burnaby condos for sale which are still on my mind. Sometimes, you see a property that is just perfect for you, and that happened to me. Unfortunately, property in Vancouver is in cheap, but still, with the American dollar being so dominant over the Canadian dollar, this is a good time to buy if you’re not living on wages that are paid in the Canadian currency. There is also another option for properties that are for sale. I saw a website which says about Coal Harbour Condos for sale and I am also interested.

Like me! What other activities are worth doing? I say that you should go whale-watching. Vancouver has a lot of orca whales and they are really special. Also consider going to the beach shore climbing a mountain. Vancouver’s best feature is the nature that it is built within. If you’ve got time, go over to Vancouver Island and explore cities like Victoria, Nanaimo, and Tofino. If you don’t have the time, just go to Granville Island, which is a district of the city of Vancouver with some great food and activities.