An Amazing Baby Monitor

So, I’m not a mother yet, but I really think that someday will be. I really think that someday I will be a mother. I can’t wait for that day, but also I’m going to fully enjoy my youth as long as I can, and try to have the best and most exciting young years of my life in the meantime. That’s what I’m all about, is just living to the fullest extent that I possibly can and having the best time in the world. I love being alive, and I love helping people in my life who are in different situations than me. My sister is a mother, which makes me an aunt, which is a role that I love to live in.

I absolutely love being an auntie to my little niece. She’s still a baby, but she is the most wonderful little ball of joy in the world. She recognizes each person who she knows. I feel so grateful that this little baby knows who I am, and is happy when I’m around. It is giving me a whole new meaning in life, to be a great auntie to my sister’s child, but also to be a great sister to my sister. I love my sister, and I realize that I do want to help her however I can in this amazing journey she is on as a mother. So, one of the things I do, is see if I can find any sort of help for her because being a mother is so difficult. I mean, she loves it, and she hardly complains, but she is so exhausted so much of the time, that I keep my eyes open for little tips and products that can maybe help her out a little bit.

The best product that I found for that so far is the Comfort Cam. The Comfort Cam is a WiFi baby monitor. So it uses Wi-Fi to connect a camera which is parked on the baby’s crib, like a normal baby monitor, but the Wi-Fi sends the video stream to an app which can be accessed on your device, whether it’s a tablet or a smartphone, and you can see your baby in its crib without using a secondary screen that you have to Lug around the house with you or something. It’s just on your phone or your tablet. And you can check it out any time.

So, like, I know with my sister that when she gets a moment to spare, she plops down on the couch and go right onto her iPhone. Which is fair. So she can scan Facebook, emails, all of her social media, catch up with some friends, send some messages, and now with this app instead of needing another screen for her baby monitor, she can just load the ComfortCam app and she is right in tune with what she needs to know. I think it’s amazing, and she does too. She loves that I bought her this gift, and she says that she would never consider another baby monitor at this point. It fills my heart with joy to help my sister.