This App Is My Most Favorite Of All

Did you ever have a favorite app that you do not delete in your phone even if you already have low storage? Well, I have one. This is app is called Line. Line is a messenging app where I can chat with anyone in the world, provided that they too have the app installed in their phone.

Line is so cute! it has a lot of great and adorable stickers, up to date stickers for all occasions such as Valentine’s Day, Christmas, New Year, and even Halloween! Well, I also use other chat apps like Viber, and WhatsApp but Line was the first thing I downloaded and it is stuck with me.

It even came to a point when I just decided to delete my photos instead of this app because it has already stored a lot of memories and photos.

It also has this news feed where friends who have Line can also post, and comment on my posts. I can also create an album!

Here are some things that I love about this app:

  1. It has cute stickers and emojis!
  2. It is available on pastel colors—green and pink. They also have brown.
  3. I can make calls and have video chats.

If you are not keen on this, I am sure there are a lot of apps for messenging available in the app store. These apps are all app store optimized (ASO) so it is really easy to find when you key in chat apps.

While I use Line, my friends just use Facebook Messenger and that is fine with me too. But messenging apps have this unique experience where you cannot just connect with people but you can also enjoy and have fun while talking to them.


Moving Forward With 360

I bought a 360 photography device I did this because I have a deep interest in virtual reality technology. I know it might seem strange, considering the usual content of this blog, but I don’t think that engaging with virtual reality technology will be an option for very much longer, it’s not that I expected to disappear…

I expected to catch on so heavily that everyone will have no choice but to engage with 360 degree photos and videos and one way or another. That’s why I bought a 360 camera, and that’s why I’m going to start using it. I’ve started talking to a friend who is very knowledgeable and well versed in these Technologies and he is going to start teaching me all about them. Everyone that I told about this so hard to understand why I’m doing it, even though it seems a little out there, when I understand my place in the world of digital media technology, I see that I am just budding with potential and that I need to hit the next level. That’s how I feel at least.

People understand. I’m not going to move too far forward in this world of already-established style of non-complex content creation, but if I can be ahead of the curve, and start using virtual reality as something that brings people into my life and perspective even deeper, I think that I can be a part of a new wave of popular blogging. Doesn’t that make sense? Sometimes I doubt myself, but deep down I’m really self assured that this is a really good idea, and 360 cameras are not that expensive, and I just think that even if it doesn’t end up making my blog Super Famous, I will have at least learned a very cool new skill that can be applied to other life aspects.